I Thought I Told You To Shut Up!!

In the late seventies Canadian cartoonist David Boswell created Reid Fleming, the world’s toughest milkman, a comic book anti-hero and counterculture icon.

By the following decade, a Hollywood studio was preparing a feature film. Now, over 30 years later, the character is still mired in contractual limbo.

Creative team

Writer/director: Charlie Tyrell
Producers: Trevor Duwyn, Andrew Ferguson, Matt King

Filmmaker’s statement

Hollywood won’t ever let anyone make the Reid Fleming movie so I figured ‘screw it,’ and decided to do the next best thing.

About Charlie Tyrell

Charlie Tyrell

Charlie Tyrell is an eclectic Torontonian filmmaker whose documentary subjects have ranged from battle-tested pool sharks to members of the infamous Hells Angels.

With I Thought I Told You To Shut Up!! he investigates the value of original artistic properties vs. lucrative Hollywood franchises.

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