A delightful variation on a road movie, W-A-L-K follows preteen Clara as she embarks on a mission to master the art of walking in high-heeled shoes.

Taking place in Montreal during a hot and lazy summer day, Clara’s ambitions for feminine glory are complicated by the fact that it’s also her turn to take Eddie, the poorly-trained family dog, on his daily w-a-l-k. They set off together on a suburban adventure rife with disapproving adults and the ever-present stress of running into other dogs.

The film explores the transition from childhood to adolescence and how it can be at once both confusing and wonderful.

Creative team

Writer/director: Anna Sikorski
Producers: Hany Ouichou, Annick Blanc

About Anna Sikorski

Anna Sikorski

Anna Sikorski is based in Montreal, Quebec. As a writer and director, she is drawn to fiction and takes inspiration from the themes of adolescence, sexuality and femininity.

After her award-winning student short A Troublesome Desire she wrote, directed and produced Missing, a 24-minute film that has been received at festivals worldwide.

She is currently developing more short projects as well as working on a feature script. W-A-L-K is her third film, inspired by her adolescence.

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