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Note from the festival team:

While this festival is no longer operational, we’re proud to showcase this archive of outstanding Canadian work.

Enjoy over 1,000 curated Canadian short films created by talented artists and brought to you by NSI with love.

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Director: Catharine Parke ·

Overwhelmed by the trials and tribulations of high school, Arielle finds refuge in a dangerous habit – until her best friend discovers her secret.


Director: Pierce Csurgo ·

On the eve of his departure, an unhappy young man faces the explosive fallout his decision to travel causes in his relationship.

Yakonnhéhkwen (It Sustains Her)

Director: Candace Maracle ·

One woman’s journey from the depression that brought her to the brink of suicide, to the realization of her value as an Onkwehonwe woman and artist.

From a Light Within

Director: Beth Wishart MacKenzie ·

A heartwarming story of brotherly love at the darkest time of year.

My Lyric I Never Knew

Director: Nauzanin Knight ·

A young Indigenous singer decides whether or not to debut a song internationally that will expose her turbulent past and the adoption of her child.

Santa’s Helper

Director: Alex Hatz ·

A down-on-his-luck elf must deliver a lump of coal on Christmas Eve to earn his way back into Santa’s good books.

The Trainee

Director: Ryan Couldrey ·

A gritty anti-hero’s interrogation of a criminal mastermind is derailed when her naïve sidekick arrives on the scene.

Red Eye

Director: S. Siobhan McCarthy ·

On Christmas Eve Angela drives her estranged daughter to the airport to catch the red eye flight home and reveals the truth about her past mistakes.


Director: Gilad Lippa ·

A girl wakes up to mysterious cards sliding into her room with one-word instructions for her to dress up for a Polaroid camera.


Director: ·

A waitress reaches her tipping point with a difficult table and serves up her own dish of revenge.

Clean Ice

Director: ·

The legacy of a run-down hockey arena is at stake as peculiar events unfold.


Director: ·

An obsessed gamer and his friend build the perfect virtual city but can’t escape their less-than-perfect relationships.

Billy’s Behemoth Blast

Director: ·

Nova Scotia gets blasted by accident while baby Billy is in his crib during the infamous Halifax Explosion.

A Typical Fairytale

Director: ·

A young couple have a romance fit for a storybook – told entirely in rhyme.


Director: ·

A sex toy mishap leads to a night in the emergency room.

Art War

Director: ·

An interactive film in which the audience participates as part of a blind jury for an art academy whose decision could save the lives of 80 million people.


Director: ·

A woman has another sleepless night. It sometimes feels like the night will never end.

Tommy’s World

Director: ·

Tommy Rodgers, an eccentric man with a penchant for conspiracies, shares his personal experiences with loss, addiction and love.

Counting on a New Crop

Director: ·

Best friends, 66-year-old farmer Jim and 23-year-old electrician Jon, struggle to keep Edencrest Farm alive.


Director: ·

Zoe searches for her mother after she abandons the family to become an internet health guru.


Director: ·

The existential struggle of an analog photographer living and working in Taiwan.

Growing Up Skinner

Director: ·

Jeff Skinner’s discovery of his family history and the history of the family business, Skinner’s of Lockport, the longest-running hot dog stand in Canada.


Director: ·

A young boy struggles to accept the death of his mother while his sister copes through violence.


Director: ·

A single mother helps a homeless man hideout from the police after he protects her from a vicious assault.